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Terms & Conditions


  • All the services are paid services except the FREE DEMO
  • Successful account creation is necessary for the uses of paid services.
  • Successful registration implies acceptance of terms & conditions and privacy policy
  • After the successful account creation , user will get a private account with unique user name and password, user will solely be responsible for the usage and activities conducted through this account.

Genaral Terms-

  • Services provided are restricted to Indian territory only.
  • The user acknowledges that textidea can deactivate or suspend or terminate account without any prior notification seeing or recognizing any suspicious/ abusive/illegal or any spamming activities in or through the account.
  • User agrees , all the services are regulated by the TRAI, so any changes or any new addition of the rules or the terminations charges applied by the TRAI will be applicable on the users and Textidea will not be responsible for that.
  • All the sms usage will happen within the law TRAI
  • Promotional SMS can be used from 9 AM to 9PM
  • Promotional SMS can not be send on DND numbers
  • Transactional SMS can be used 24×7
  • Transactional SMS can be send on DND and Non DND numbers
  • Transactional SMS will have the 6 alphabet unique headers
  • Promotional SMS will have numeric headers
  • Service route SMS will Go through With DLT registration
  • NO API consumption is available with Promotional or Trans-promo route
  • Message cannot be used for Chit fund/ Lottery/spa/ massage parlor/astrology/stocks/spamming content related to finance and KYC or any spamming link.
  • Users agrees to receive promotional, transactional and commercial communications from Textidea through email or SMS


  • Users will solely be responsible for whatever content is being shared or published and well aware the kind of response it can generate. Any fraudulent or sensitive content shall be treated with zero tolerance policy and the user will be the whole and sole responsible for this and consequences.
  • Owner agrees and well aware of the kind of content he/she is sending the kind of responses it generates including the sale or the promotion of the product. Textidea will not be liable or responsible for any kind of dispute it generates and for the resolution of that.
  • All DLT user will have to make their content approved by the Operator from their DLT dashboard.
  • All the content will be or at time may not be monitored by the Textidea, So textidea have the right to terminate the ongoing campaign or the whole account if anything found suspicious or abusive or fraudulent without any notice or clarification then or ever.

Payment Terms

  • All the Payment for any kind of services will be 100% advance
  • Payments can be made via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/ Cheque deposit / Debit Card / Credit Card/ Wallets/ UPI and other payment mode.
  • Textidea shall not in under any circumstances be liable to refund or return the money paid by user for the use of services except specifically mentioned in the refund policy.
  • All the packages comes with 18% GST extra.


  • Credit means 1 SMS will be of 160 character for the default language English and 154 Character onwards if exceeds.
  • Unicode SMS will be of 70 character for every single credit and then 64 character onwards if exceeds.
  • Credits once done in the customer’s account will not be refunded, returned or encased in case of no use or no result or responses. The credits will not be redeemed or transferred to any of the other users also. If user closes his or her account the credits remaining in the account will be expired immediately after the deletion or closing request.
  • Credits cannot be transferred to one user to another user or one user account to another user account due to any reason for the same user
  • Credits will not be transferred or shifted from one route to another route due to any reason or in any circumstances.
  • Credits can be reduced in case of termination charges/ scrubbing charges imposed by the operator or TRAI.
  • Any Confiscated Credits in terms of wrong usage or abusive content and behaviour or any further unpleasing and sensitive activities, will not be returned and also will not be claimable and Textidea will never be the responsible for the same.
  • Delivery ratio will be around 60-75% from trans-promo route
  • Validity of SMS credits are valid Lifetime but needs to be recharged once in an year with a minimum of 50K SMS for maintenance and security of data.
  • All the SMS credits comes with Submission based as per TRAI amendment May,2018, However Textidea has the whole and sole right to provide or terminate the SMS on delivery base.

Government Laws and jurisdiction

  • The User and Textidea agree that these T&C shall be governed by the laws of India. The User and Textidea agree that all disputes that may arise from or in connection with the T&C shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Mumbai, Maharastra, India.


  • APIs will be offered with Service/OTP/API route only
  • User agreed not to use APIs for the promotional purpose
  • API are solely the facility given by the Textidea, can be terminated or extended or can add more addons in certain conditions.


  • Textidea provides 24×7 support
  • Tech support are available only Monday to Saturday 24×7
  • We have Dedicated Support on priority basis on the cost of RS 500/-INR every month every user.
  • Dedicated Support for resellers or Super resellers are 1000/-INR every month.