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Voice Sms

Raise your voice, World wants to listen.
the smart modern age technology to make your campaign reach more effectively, widely and sharply to your audience.



Unlimited Pushing

we do not have any boundation, as we understand your business to scale a larger level, so with our voice broadcasting service send your voice recording to unlimited numbers hassle free.

Unique caller Id

You will be offered to send your voice campaign with unique caller ID which creates a personal touch with your option clients.

API Support

Now you can use our Voice SMS API to integrate in your applications to send alerts, notifications and other sms directly from your applications.

Voice SMS Mumbai

Bulk Upload

You can bulk upload your target audience via Excel sheet, Csv sheet or txt sheet in no time.

Campaign Report

In our Voice broadcasting panel now you can track all your campaign each and every single number wise or caller ID wise

Voice Library

Now leave the stress on us to save each and every voice file in our database in our Brand new Voice library, where you can choose your voice campaign every time, your new voice file gets saved automatically


Bulk Voice Call SMS

As we all know that listening is more rememberable than text so the voice broadcasting lasts in your customers mind for a long time which may converts into your mighty leads

Voice broadcasting is more lifelike personalize feeling rather than a lifeless text messaging, so your customer feels a special about himself to be chosen for the campaign

It really takes no time to get delivered as it is sharp and routed to specially dedicated server for smooth and instant delivery

Not a waist age of money for sure as you only gets charged when some body picks up the call and listen your audio, else there is no deduction.

Automatic DND filtration inbuilt Panel for you, where you would not be charged for DND numbers as it automatically gets removed.

Our Voice broadcasting panel lets you send audio in your own desired language to make your customer fell more of your own and personal and interact with them effectively.

Widely Used for election campaign, invitation ,information and events.

Easy to use web panel with no setup and hidden cost lets you work what is important for you rather than thinking the solution to reach multiple peoples.


Start Up

30 Paise/ SMS
Unique Caller ID
Open Template
Instant delivery
3000/- INR
Inclusive all tax


25 Paisa/SMS
Unique Caller ID
Open Template
Instant delivery
12500/- INR
Inclusive all tax


1 Lakh SMS
20 Paisa / SMS
Unique Caller ID
Open Template
Instant delivery
20,000 INR
Inclusive all tax


2 Lakh SMS
18 Paisa/ SMS
Unique Caller ID
Open Template
Instant delivery
36,000 INR
Inclusive all tax


5 Lakh SMS
15 Paisa/ SMS
Unique Caller ID
Open Template
Instant delivery
75,000/- INR
Inclusive all tax



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