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DLT Registration is Now Mandatory for Every Enterprise and Telemarketers Who Use the Messaging Services at any Level.

Dear Valuable Customers, 
                                                          In the continuous process to make the messaging industry transparent and cleaner, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has taken a bold step to introduce the DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) registration under the BlockChain Technology. It is supposed that the introduction of this technology will make the 20-30 billion Bulk SMS Industry completely fraud-proof and transparent as never before. It will reduce the UCC (Unsolicited Communications) SMS up to Null and improve the privacy of mobile subscribers. This change has been brought under TCCCPR-2018 (Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulation  2018).

Who Needs to Register

As per the best information, every single enterprise or entity and companies who uses Bulk SMS or Bulk voice call for sending any kind of promotional or informative content to their opt-in customers will have to register as enterprise with any of the operators (Vodafone, Idea, Airtel, BSNL, etc.) for sending SMS or making voice call campaigns. All the small resellers or aggregators who want to work as a telemarketer in the Bulk SMS industry also necessarily will have to register as a telemarketer in aggregator or delivery function. There are multiple sites where you can do this registration easily with some of your documents, like Business PAN/GST Certificate/Company Registration Certificate, any other valid identity or address proof.

There are Three Phases of Registration on DLT:-

  1. Registration as an Entity/Telemarketer:- In the first phase, every commercial user of the  Bulk SMS service will have to register with any of the operators using valid documents as explained in the above paragraph. You will get the Unique Registration ID.
  2. Sender Id registration:-   In the second phase of the registration, every registered entity or telemarketer will have to request for the Sender Id through which he/she want to shoot the campaign or send information.
  3. Template Approval:-  The most important phase is the template (Messaging content) approval from the operator side. You will not be able to send any content which is not approved from the operator side. Entity or telemarketer will have the full responsibility of the content. If it generates any DND complaints, the penalty charges as described from TRAI will be charged.

Every entity or telemarketer will have to take consent of the customer before sending any kind of SMS. As the rules are completely changed, consent will be valid for one year or until the customer takes his/her consent back. Sending a message to the unconnected customer may cause the instant penalty if the customer complaints. So, the consent management is also an important part of the regulation.

Where You Can Register

There are multiple sites and operators providing the facility of registration. the Vodafone and Idea collaborated site is offering the registration. Videocon also providing the same facility and the URL for the same is Airtel is also providing the registration facility with local registration offices and Airtel DLT registration sites. After the successful registration, it may take 72 hours or more considering the heavy traffic to get your unique ID.

Charges of Registration

The charges for Entity/Enterprise/Telemarketer Aggregator function are Rs. 5000/- INR + 900/- INR GST. And for the telemarketer delivery function, the charges are Rs 50,000/- INR + 9000/- INR GST. Some sites are offering free registration as well for a limited period of time. Before you register on the particular site, please check the free or paid registration your self.

While registering, you will have to select a telemarketer of your own choice. You can select us as Greesoft IT Solutions with 1102601260000022697 unique ID. If you have selected any telemarketer already then you can select Greesoft IT solutions as well.

Please let us know your comments and questions as well, we will reply at our best.


We are following TRAI rules, regulations and instructions and we are completely unsure the implementation of the complete process. This blog is just an effort to make our readers and users get correct and quick information. We will not be responsible for any kind of changes later on in the TRAI Guidelines or regulations or in implementation. We have attached some part of this blog from TRAI Site just for the information. Thanks for being with us.


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